Brexit: fisheries report debated by Lords

10 January 2017

At 3.30pm on Monday 16 January, the House of Lords debates the European Union Committee's report, 'Brexit: fisheries'

On 17 December 2016 the House of Lords EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee published a report into Brexit and fisheries. The Committee concluded that in leaving the Common Fisheries Policy the UK will become an independent coastal state under international law. This provides the UK with an opportunity to review current fisheries management practices and replace them where appropriate, bearing in mind the obligation to manage fish sustainably, and taking account of the needs of coastal communities and the industry.

The Committee also concluded that the UK will be able to control the access that foreign vessels have to fishing in UK waters and to renegotiate the UK’s share of Total Allowable Catches (TACs) for fish stocks that are shared with other countries, including the EU.

But the Committee cautioned that commercial fish stocks that are shared with other states risk over-exploitation on either side of political borders and concluded that the Government must pursue new, co-operative relations with the EU and other European neighbours to manage these shared fish.

The Committee also concluded that the Government may come under pressure to balance new quota shares and access arrangements against access to the Single Market.


3.30pm, Monday 16 January 2017.

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