Brexit: farm animal welfare—short inquiry launched

17 March 2017

The EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee has launched a short inquiry into Brexit: farm animal welfare. The inquiry aims to elaborate upon issues identified in the Committee's ongoing inquiry into Brexit: agriculture

Focus of the inquiry

Following the UK's vote to withdraw from the EU, the inquiry will examine the implications of Brexit for farm animal welfare. The inquiry seeks to highlight any challenges or opportunities the Government will face in maintaining the UK’s role as a global leader in farm animal welfare.
The short inquiry will comprise of a roundtable discussion on Wednesday 5 April, at which academics and industry experts will give evidence on farm animal welfare and Brexit. The session will be webcast.

The Committee welcomes the views of stakeholders on the issues outlined below. Any submissions should be sent to the clerk of the Committee, Celia Stenderup-Petersen (stenderuppetersenc@parliament.uk), no later than 8 April 2017.

Questions that will be explored

  • What impact will Brexit have on assurance and standards in relation to farm animal welfare?
  • Is a decline in farm animal welfare standards post-Brexit inevitable? 
  • Which monitoring bodies will need to be replaced or strengthened?
  • What will the government need to do to ensure continued protection for farm animals across the UK? 
  • How can the UK remain a world leader in farm animal welfare?
  • What are the post-Brexit opportunities in relation to farm animal welfare? 
  • What is the role of consumer demand and consumer awareness in high farm animal welfare standards?
  • What effect, if any, will the withdrawal from the EU have on the UK's ability to promote farm animal welfare?

Further information

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