Lords question CBI on UK shadow banking assets

11 March 2014

The EU Commission estimates that in 2011 shadow banking assets amounted to nearly £5bn in the UK. On Tuesday 11 March the Committee will scrutinize in further detail the scale, benefits and drawbacks of this off-the-books banking sector


Tuesday 11 March 2014, Committee Room 3, House of Lords
11.00 am

  • Matthew Fell, Director, Competitive Markets, CBI


The Lords Committee will be asking about the Confederation’s view on shadow banking and how it should be reformed, if at all.

  • Is shadow banking a pejorative term?
  • Does the CBI view shadow banking as good or bad?
  • Does it pose any risks to conventional, regulated banking structures?
  • What approach would you wish to see UK authorities take to the shadow banking sector?
  • What approach would you wish to see EU authorities take to the shadow banking sector?
  • Is there any danger that regulation of the sector could prevent it being an alternative financing channel for the real economy?
  • Has the CBI worked with HM Treasury on any potential reforms of shadow banking?

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