Economics experts answer Lords' questions on euro area crisis

25 February 2014

The House of Lords EU Sub-Committee on Economic and Financial Affairs is to put questions to economics experts on Tuesday 25 February as part of its ongoing investigation into the euro area crisis.


 Tuesday 25 February 2014, Committee Room 3, House of Lords

  • Roger Bootle, Managing Director, Capital Economics
  • Simon Tilford, Deputy Director, Centre for European Reform
  • Gerard Lyons, Economist and Chief Economic Advisor to the Mayor of London


Questions that the Committee will ask the witnesses include:

  • What is their view of the short and long term economic prospects for the eurozone?
  • Is Europe seeing an economic recovery and is the crisis over?
  • Does the European Central Bank (ECB) have the tools at its disposal to tackle the crisis?
  • Is enough being done to stimulate growth and tackle youth unemployment?
  • How is the City of London viewed across the EU? Is it an asset to the EU as whole?
  • How well does the Bank of England work with the ECB and other EU institutions?
  • How significant has Germany’s role been in determining the course of the crisis response? Overall has Germany’s overall role been positive or negative?

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