Free movement of EU migrant workers

On 26 April 2013 the European Commission published a proposal for a Directive to strengthen workers’ rights to live and work freely in the EU. The proposal aims to overcome these obstacles and to help to prevent discrimination against workers on the basis of nationality by proposing practical solutions.

In April of this year, the Commission outlined a draft directive reaffirming the rights of EU migrant workers to live and work freely in the EU and for barriers to their free movement to be removed.

While EU rules on free movement of workers are long-established, the European Commission argues that the way in which they are applied in practice can give rise to barriers and discriminatory practices (perceived or real) for EU migrant workers when working or looking for work in another Member State.

If you would like to read the Government’s explanatory memoranda on the proposals sifted for further scrutiny you can find them on the Cabinet Office's European Memoranda search page.