Lords Committee to hold evidence sessions in Brussels on inquiry into youth unemployment

17 January 2014

The House of Lords Committee charged with investigating youth unemployment across Europe will visit Brussels next week as part of its inquiry into EU action to tackle Youth Unemployment.

In two days of evidence sessions the Committee will hear from a number of witnesses including László Andor, the Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, as well as MEPs, the European Trade Union Confederation, the European Youth Forum, and the Centre for European Studies.

The House of Lords EU Sub Committee on the Internal Market, Infrastructure and Employment is investigating levels of unemployment amongst young people in Europe, and examining whether the EU’s multibillion euro fund drawn from taxpayer resources to reduce youth joblessness is set to be used in the most effective way.

Likely Questions

The Committee will raise issues such as why youth unemployment is particularly serious in this current recession, whether EU programmes and funds are sufficiently effective, how the UK’s position on EU actions compares to that of other Member States, the expected impact from EU action and how EU institutions encourage the exchange of best practice.

The evidence sessions will take place across two days, 20 and 21 January. Transcripts of the evidence sessions will be available on our website by 30 January.

Further information

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