Lords aim to identify top priorities in tackling youth unemployment in EU

04 November 2013

On Monday 4 November the House of Lords EU Sub Committee on the Internal Market, Infrastructure and Employment invites three academic experts to their inquiry into EU measures to tackle youth unemployment.


Committee Room 2, Palace of Estminster

At 4.15pm:

  • Professor Sue Maguire, University of Warwick
  • Professor Martyn Sloman, Kingston Business School
  • Dr Paul Copeland, Queen Mary University, London

The academic experts will be asked by the Committee about what is the most pressing action that’s needed to address youth joblessness.

Likely questions

They will also be interviewed on other relevant areas to the investigation, including:

  • How bad is youth unemployment in Europe, and what impact is it having?
  • What sorts of actions are likely to be most effective in tackling youth unemployment, and what conditions are needed for them to work?
  • What lessons we can learn from different countries? and
  • How employers can be part of the solution to tackle youth unemployment?

Further information

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