Electoral Registration Act 2013 Committee - timeline


The House of Lords agreed to appoint a Select Committee on the Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013 on 13 June 2019.


Tuesday 25 June

The Committee met in private.

Tuesday 9 July

The Committee met in private.

Friday 19 July

The Committee appointed Professor Maria Sobolewska, University of Manchester and Dr Stuart Wilks-Heeg, University of Liverpool as Specialist Advisers for the inquiry.

Public Evidence Sessions

Tuesday 16 July

Listen to the 16th July evidence session

Read the 16th July evidence session transcript

At 15:30

  • Peter Lee, Director, Constitution Group, Cabinet Office
  • Simon James, Deputy Director, Elections Division, Cabinet Office

Tuesday 23 July

Watch the 23rd July evidence sessions

Read the 23rd July transcript (evidence session 2)

Read the 23rd July transcript (evidence session 3)

At 15:30

  • Peter Stanyon, Chief Executive, Association of Electoral Administrators

At 16:30

  • Rt Hon. The Lord Pickles

Tuesday 3 September

Listen to the 3rd September evidence session

Read the 3rd September transcript (evidence session 4)

At 15:30

  • Glynne Morgan, Electoral Services Manager, Pembrokeshire County Council
  • Clare Oakley, Electoral Services Manager, London Borough of Camden
  • Andrew Tiffin, Elections & Registration Manager, Hart District Council