Government tax plans under scrutiny

23 May 2011

The Committee examining the Government's taxation plans will question the Treasury and Revenue in the final evidence session of its annual inquiry on Monday 23 May.

The Committee will question officials before it reports on the Government's 2011 Finance Bill in June.


At 4.05pm, Monday 23 May, Committee Room 1, Palace of Westminster

  • Mr Dave Hartnett, Permanent Secretary for Tax, HMRC
  • Ms Sue Walton, Head of Anti-Avoidance Group, HMRC
  • Mr Edward Troup, Director-General, Tax, Welfare and Budget, HM Treasury

The Government's proposals for legislation against disguised remuneration attracted particular criticism in earlier evidence sessions for their length and complexity. One commentator described them as "the worst piece of legislation [he had] ever come across". Witnesses highlighted the "endemic" practice whereby companies avoid paying tax by disguising salary payments as loans and said that the Government had "seriously underestimated" the amount that this cost the taxpayer. The Committee is expected to ask whether the Government is doing enough to stop such widespread tax avoidance practices.

Questions are expected to cover other issues raised in evidence, including:

  • is the Government’s new, consultative approach to tax policymaking working?
  • will the Government’s proposals for corporation tax reform "seriously undermine" the UK's corporation tax base?

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