Lords Committee on the Finance Bill Open Inquiry with Evidence Session with Tax Lawyers

18 January 2013

The House of Lords Sub-Committee on the 2013 Finance Bill will next open its inquiry next week with two evidence sessions with experts on taxation law including two QCs for whom it is a specialism and who have taken an active interest in recent government efforts to reduce tax avoidance.

The Lords Economic Affairs Committee appoints a Sub-Committee each year to explore provisions in the Finance Bill relating to tax administration, clarification and simplification, it does not consider rates or incidence of tax.

This year the Committee will focus on the theme of dealing with the avoidance of tax. It will look in detail at the new General Anti-Abuse Rule (GAAR) and try to identify how effective it is likely to be in addressing various types of tax avoidance recently highlighted in the media.  The Committee is inviting written evidence from all interested parties to be received no later than Monday 28 January.


The Committee will start taking oral evidence in a session to be held at 2:35pm on Monday 21 January in Committee Room 3 of the House of Lords. The Committee will hear from:

  • Malcolm Gammie QC, Tax Barrister, IFS Tax Law Review Committee
  • Graham Aaronson QC, Tax Barrister, Leader of GAAR Study Group 2011.

The Committee will hold a second evidence session next week at 3:35pm on Wednesday 23 January in Committee room 3 with:

  • Patrick Stevens and Bill Dodwell of the Chartered Institute of Taxation
  • Richard Murphy, Tax Research LLP. 

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