Parallels of separation: what can the UK & Scotland learn from Czechoslovak breakup?

08 October 2012

Dr Karen Henderson, from Leicester University, will give evidence to the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee on Tuesday 9 October.

Dr Henderson will give evidence to the Committee’s inquiry into the economic implications for the United Kingdom of an independent Scotland. She is an expert in the division of Czechoslovakia, and the Committee is interested in what lessons can be learned from the process of separation in 1992. At the time there was “constitutional and legislative gridlock”, and the Committee will ask about what economic issues there were and how these were overcome in negotiations.

The Committee are likely to question Dr Henderson on issues such as:

• How far might the economic arrangements for the division of Czechoslovakia be applicable to Scotland and the rest of the UK if Scotland became independent?
• Were trade, finance and communications disrupted when Slovakia became independent?
• Is there any evidence of market fragmentation or extra transaction costs that arise from the use of different currencies?

The evidence session will start at 3.35pm, Tuesday 9 October in Committee Room 1 of the House of Lords.

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