Committee hears evidence on economic impact of Scottish independence

15 May 2012

The House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee will question economics expert Professor David Bell on the economic impact of Scottish independence on Tuesday 15 May, in the first evidence session of its new inquiry.


At 3.35pm, Tuesday 15 May, Committee Room 1, Palace of Westminster

  • Professor David Bell, Stirling University

The Committee will question Professor Bell on issues including:

  • Assets – what are the most important assets from an economic perspective and how would these be divided?
  • Currency – would an independent Scotland use the Euro? Sterling? Or issue its own currency?
  • Tax – is it likely that an independent Scotland would introduce different corporate and personal tax rates? What impact would this have on the rest of the UK?
  • Public Services – which, if any, should be jointly provided by an independent Scotland and the rest of the UK?

Economic growth and regulation, labour markets and trade flows will also be areas that the Committee question Professor Bell about.

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