Margaret Hodge MP gives evidence on corporate taxation

04 June 2013

The House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee will on Tuesday 4 June take evidence from Margaret Hodge MP, Chairman of the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee as part of their inquiry into corporate tax.

The Committee will question Ms Hodge on the PAC’s success in drawing attention to the tax avoidance activities of some multinational companies and whether the root cause of the problems with corporate taxation stem from failures of the tax code. She will be asked whether the risk of reputational damage is an effective tool in encouraging multinationals to pay more tax in the UK and what needs to change at HMRC and the Treasury to improve their performance in collecting tax revenue from multinational companies.

The Committee will also take evidence from representatives of a number of legal firms dealing with corporate taxation. The witnesses from Slaughter and May, Macfarlanes and BLP will be asked about the distinction in the tax code between debt and equity, whether the recent OECD recommendations for a reassessment of the way profits are allocated between countries by multinationals should be pursued and for their views on the Chancellor’s recent comments that promoters of tax avoidance schemes should be named and shamed.


Tuesday 4 June in Committee Room 1 of the House of Lords


  • Steve Edge, Partner, Slaughter and May
  • Ashley Greenbank, Partner, Macfarlanes
  • Gary Richards, Partner, Law Society & BLP Law.


  • Rt Hon Margaret Hodge MP, Chairman, House of Commons Public Accounts Committee.     

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