Shell and International Energy Agency on Shale give evidence

12 November 2013

The House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee will take evidence from Shell, the International Energy Agency and Société Générale as they continue their inquiry into the economic impact of shale gas and oil on the UK’s energy policy.


Tuesday 12 November in Committee Room 1, House of Lords

At 3.35 pm

  • Dr Thierry Bros, Senior European Gas and LNG analyst, Société Générale
  • Dr Dan Dorner, Senior Analyst, Global Energy Economics Directorate, International Energy Agency
  • Mr Graeme Smith, Vice President – Exploration and New Ventures Unconventionals, Shell

The Committee will ask the witnesses how the development of shale gas in the US has impacted on the international gas market, including wholesale prices, how the technology of shale gas is developing and how the scope for development of shale gas  in the UK compares to the US example.

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