Committee considers social care workforce

08 January 2019

The Economic Affairs Committee takes evidence on social care workforce challenges from Skills for Care, the Social Care Workforce Research Unit and UNISON.


Tuesday 8 January in Committee Room 1, Palace of Westminster
At 3.35pm.

  • Sharon Allen OBE, CEO, Skills for Care
  • Guy Collis, Policy Officer, UNISON
  • Professor Jill Manthorpe, Director, NIHR Social Care Workforce Research Unit

Likely Questions

  • Despite warnings about social care approaching a 'tipping point', the system appears to have been resilient to date. Why is this?
  • Are there regional differences in the quality and availability of social care? Can these be overcome?
  • The Migration Advisory Committee recently reported that providing an easier route for migrants into social care would not help with recruitment problems in the sector. Do you agree?
  • Why are there high vacancy and turnover rates in social care and how can they be reduced?
  • Does social care need to become more of a profession and how can the career path for social carers be improved?
  • Do the public understand how to navigate the social care system? What makes the system complex to navigate for those who require care and their families?

Further Information

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