How should social care be funded in England?

15 October 2018

The Economic Affairs Committee begins taking oral evidence for it's inquiry into social care funding in England. The witnesses will be asked about the range of funding models available, the challenges faced by the sector and the pros and cons of different approaches to social care.


Tuesday 16 October in Committee Room 1, Palace of Westminster
At 3.35pm.

  • Simon Bottery, Senior Fellow, The King’s Fund,
  • Natasha Curry, Senior Fellow, Nuffield Trust, and
  • Sir Andrew Dilnot CBE, Chair, Commission on Funding of Care and Support (2010–11).

Likely questions

  • What principles should underpin the funding of social care?
  • How can a sustainable funding model for social care, supported by a diverse and stable market, be created?
  • Does the current model of responsibility being devolved to a local level for social care work? Would delivering social care at a national level be better?
  • Why have successive governments been reluctant to address challenges in the delivery of social care?
  • What lessons can be learnt from elsewhere in the United Kingdom, or from other countries, in how they approach social care?

Further information

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