Committee takes evidence on student loans and government accounting

20 October 2017

The Economic Affairs Committee takes evidence from journalist and author Dr Andrew McGettigan and education economist Dr Gavan Conlon. They will both be giving evidence to the Committee's inquiry into the economics of higher, further and technical education.


Tuesday 24 October in Committee Room 1, Palace of Westminster

At 3.35pm.

  • Andrew McGettigan
  • Dr Gavan Conlon

Likely questions

  • Does the complexity of the loan system damage public trust?
  • Why didn't the 2012 reforms lead to price competition between universities?
  • Have the financing changes led to a decline in the number of part-time students?
  • Have recent changes in the design of student loans been led by their effect on the deficit?
  • How should student loans be presented in the public accounts?
  • Should the Government raise the repayment threshold?
  • What are the reasons to sell the pre-2012 loan book?

Further information

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