Lord Adonis, Lord Willetts and Paul Johnson questioned by Committee

10 October 2017

Former secretary of state Lord Adonis and former minster Lord Willets will face questions from the Economic Affairs Committee. Joined by Paul Johnson, the Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies they give evidence to the Committee’s new inquiry into the economics of higher, further and technical education.


Tuesday 10 October in Committee Room 1, Palace of Westminster

At 3.35pm.

  • The Rt Hon. the Lord Adonis
  • The Rt Hon. the Lord Willetts
  • Paul Johnson, Director, Institute for Fiscal Studies

Likely questions

  • Who has benefited from the rise in tuition fees in 2012?
  • Should 50 per cent of young people receive a university education?
  • Are the interest rates on student loans too high?
  • Are universities preparing students for the labour market? Is it a concern that around a third of graduates are estimated to be in jobs that do not require university degrees?
  • Does the current system mean that universities will increase places on cheaper (arts and humanities courses) and reduce those on expensive (STEM subject) courses?
  • Is the Office for Budget Responsibility description of the recording of accrued interest on student loans in the public accounts as a ‘fiscal illusion’ correct?
  • Should the Government proceed the sale of part of the pre-2012 loan book?
  • What changes should there be to the current system for funding higher education? Should tuition fees be reduced, or abolished?

Further information

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