How big is the funding gap between further education colleges and universities?

06 February 2018

The Economic Affairs Committee asks Colleges and the Education Skills Funding Agency about careers advice, skills and further education qualifications.


Tuesday 6 February in Committee Room 1, Palace of Westminster

At 3.35pm

  • Julian Gravatt, Assistant CEO, Association of Colleges
  • Richard Atkins CBE, Further Education Commissioner, Department for Education
  • Alun Francis, Principal and Chief Executive, Oldham College.

At 4.35pm

  • Eileen Milner, Chief Executive and Accounting Officer, Education and Skills Funding Agency
  • Sue Husband, Director, National Apprenticeship Service
  • Peter Mucklow, Director, Intervention and Young People's Funding Group, Education and Skills Funding Agency.

Likely questions

Questions the Committee are likely to ask the first panel are:

  • Should there be parity of funding between further and higher education? How can this be achieved?
  • Are there too many qualifications available in the further education sector?
  • Will the  Government's three million target help improve the quality and quantity of apprenticeships offered?
  • How can further education providers ensure that courses are responsive to local demand?

Questions the Committee are likely to ask the second panel are:

  • Why has the number of apprenticeship starts fallen since the start of the apprenticeship levy?
  • What will be included in the Government's recently announced review of tertiary education?
  • Why are there long delays in approving new apprenticeships?
  • Does the current funding and regulatory system incentivise colleges to provide low level qualifications and courses?

Further information

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