Damian Green MP questioned on social care funding in England

20 May 2019

The Economic Affairs Committee will hear evidence from The Rt Hon Damian Green MP, former First Secretary of State and author of 'Fixing the Care Crisis' with the Centre for Policy Studies.


Tuesday 21 May in Committee Room 1, Palace of Westminster
At 3.35pm.

  • The Rt Hon Damian Green MP

Likely questions

  • Can you explain how the proposed 'Universal Care Entitlement' would work?
  • The "Fixing the Care Crisis" report says that the Universal Care Entitlement will provide a ‘good’ level of care. What does 'good' mean and how will this be delivered?
  • Can you explain how the proposed Care Supplement would work?
  • Your report recommends shifting responsibility for social care funding from councils to Whitehall. Are you surprised that the Government says it is not looking at doing this?
  • Why do you think social care has been such a difficult issue for successive governments to make political progress on?
  • Practically, how should political parties go about building consensus on social care policy?

Further Information

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