Migration Watch discusses immigration and jobs after Brexit with Committee

22 February 2017

The Economic Affairs Committee hears evidence from policy experts, including Migration Watch and the Resolution Foundation, for its inquiry into the impact of Brexit on the UK labour market.


Thursday 23 February in Committee Room 2, Palace of Westminster

At 11.35am

  • The Lord Green of Deddington, Chairman, Migration Watch UK
  • Mr Stephen Clarke, Research & Policy Analyst, Resolution Foundation
  • Mr. Philippe Legrain, Visiting Senior Fellow, European Institute, London School of Economics

About this session

Questions the Committee asks include:

  • Why has the UK failed to control immigration from non-EU countries?
  • Has high migration reduced wages, particularly in lower paid jobs?
  • What is the best system to control future migration from the EU?
  • Should EU citizens be given preferential treatment over non-EU citizens?
  • Will many EU workers currently in the UK now leave?
  • Will a reduction in skilled EU workers mean more jobs for UK graduates?

Further information

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