Academics discuss the impact of Brexit on the labour market

07 February 2017

The Economic Affairs Committee hears evidence from leading economists for its inquiry into the impact of Brexit on the UK labour market.


Tuesday 7 February in Committee Room 1, Palace of Westminster

At 3.35pm

  • Professor Robert Rowthorn, Emeritus Professor, Cambridge University
  • Professor Jonathan Portes, Professor of Economics and Public Policy and Senior Fellow, UK in a Changing Europe, Kings College London
  • Professor Alan Manning, Chair of the Migration Advisory Committee and Professor of Economics, London School of Economics

Possible questions

Questions the Committee is likely to ask include:

  • To what extent has immigration reduced wages for low paid workers?
  • Why do you think previous governments have failed to control immigration from non-EU countries?
  • Does the Government have adequate data on the number and type of immigrant workers?
  • If the free movement of people is to end, what is the best system we could introduce to control immigration from European Union countries?
  • Which sectors do you think would be most affected by a substantial reduction in migration from the EU? Should different sectors have their own migration policy?
  • Should different parts of the UK, such as Scotland or London, be able to set their own immigration policy?

Further information

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