Lords ask whether a digital skills deficit is harming UK plc

29 July 2014

The House of Lords' Digital Skills Committee asks the question 'Do our businesses have what it takes to excel in a knowledge-driven economy?'

On Tuesday 29 July the Committee will hear from campaigners for digital start-ups, the voice of SMEs in the UK and the country's tech sector.

The Committee will ask them whether rapidly changing technology trends are creating barriers for businesses, whether businesses' tech skills are falling behind, how the UK's infrastructure can be improved, and whether the end result of these challenges is damaging to the UK economy.


The evidence session will take place in Committee Room 2 on Tuesday 29 July, starting at 10:15am.

  • Guy Levin, Executive Director, Coalition for a Digital Economy
  • David Pollard, Chairman for Education, Skills and Business Support, Federation of Small Businesses
  • Antony Walker, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, techUK.

Possible questions

Questions that the Committee will put to the witnesses are:

  • Which technology trends will have the highest impact on UK businesses?
  • How have these trends differed from those in the past?
  • Are there any examples of technological trends which have affected the workforce of companies in the UK?
  • What will be the impact of entrepreneurship on the labour market?
  • How can the digital sector be supported?

Further information

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