Is the UK ready for the technologies of the future?

22 July 2014

The House of Lords’ Digital Skills Committee will ask Google, Microsoft and some of the UK’s leading technology specialists on Tuesday 22 July about the UK’s readiness for technologies of the future.


Tuesday 22 July, Committee Room 2, Palace of Westminster.

At 10:15am

  • Professor Nick Bostrom, Director, Programme on the Impacts of Future Technology, University of Oxford
  • Michael Gleaves, Head of Business Development, The Hartree Centre, Science and Technology Facilities Council
  • Kevin Baughan, Director, Technology and Innovation, Innovate UK (formerly known as the Technology Strategy Board)

At 11.15am

  • Hugh Milward, Director of Corporate Affairs, Microsoft
  • Chris Mairs CBE, Chair, UK Forum for Computing Education and Chief Scientist, Metaswitch Networks
  • Mike Warriner, UK Director of Engineering, Google

Likely questions

It will ask witnesses about a range of issues, such as understanding the implications of 'Big Data' and other technological advancements, adjusting our workforce to a knowledge-driven economy, and how to reduce growing inequality within the workforce.

Other questions which the Committee will put to the witnesses are:

  • How will the future technology landscape of the UK shape our society?
  • Can we be better prepared for technological revolutions?
  • What are the current skills shortages?
  • What skills must we teach to equip the future workforce?
  • Can we do this effectively?
  • How are we addressing concerns about technology changes increasing inequality in the workforce?

Further information

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