Bills considered 2013-14

Below is an alphabetical list of bills that the Committee considered, along with the relevant papers in the 2013-14 session.

Age of Criminal Responsibility Bill [HL]

Alan Turing (Statutory Pardon) Bill [HL]

Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill

Care Bill [HL]

Children and Families Bill

Citizenship (Armed Forces) Bill

Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment (Amendment) Bill [HL]

Cultural and Community Distribution Deregulation Bill [HL]

Defence Reform Bill

Deep Sea Mining Bill

Draft Deregulation Bill

Energy Bill

Equality (Titles) Bill [HL]

European Union Approvals Bill

European Union (Referendum) Bill

Extension of Franchise (House of Lords) Bill [HL]

Financial Services (Banking Reform) Bill

Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Bill

Health and Social Care (Amendments) (Food Standards) Bill [HL]

Immigration Bill

Inheritance and Trustees' Powers Bill [HL]

Intellectual Property Bill [HL]

International Development (Gender Equality) Bill

Leasehold Reform (Amendment) Bill

Littering from Vehicles Bill [HL]

Local Audit and Accountability Bill [HL]

Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill

Medicinal Labelling Bill [HL]

Mesothelioma Bill [HL]

National Insurance Contributions Bill

Northern Ireland (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill

Offender Rehabilitation Bill [HL]

Online Safety Bill [HL]

Pensions Bill

Rights of the Sovereign and the Duchy of Cornwall Bill [HL]

Transparency of Lobbying, Non-party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill

Unsolicited Telephone Communications Bill [HL]

Voting Age (Comprehensive Reduction) Bill [HL]

Water Bill