Committee questions Chair of Lords Appointments Commission

26 February 2014

The House of Lords Constitution Committee will question Lord Kakkar, Chairman of the House of Lords Appointments Commission, in a one-off evidence session on Wednesday 26 February.


At 10.30am, Wednesday 26 February 2014; Committee room 1, Palace of Westminster

  • The Lord Kakkar, Chairman, House of Lords Appointments Committee

Likely questions

Areas the session is likely to cover include:

  • What has the Commission’s work consisted of since Lord Kakkar’s appointment in October 2013?
  • How does the Commission judge the propriety of nominees for peerages? How often are nominees refused on this basis?
  • Is there a level of financial support for a political party that is acceptable in a nominee and consequently a level that would make it inappropriate to nominate someone for a peerage?
  • Why has the number of Crossbench appointments to the Lords declined when the number of political appointments has increased since 2010?
  • How can the Commission encourage more diversity in the membership of the House?
  • Is there an optimal size for the House? Is it now too large?
  • Should Scottish peers be able to sit in the House of Lords if Scotland were to become independent?

Further information

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