Lords debate constitutional implications of Scottish independence

24 June 2014

Members of the House of Lords including a former first minister of Scotland, two former Scottish Secretaries, several former Scottish MPs and MSPs and a former NATO Secretary General, will debate the constitutional future of Scotland, with reference to the upcoming referendum, in the Lords on Tuesday 24 June.


The debate was requested by Lord Wallace of Tankerness (Liberal Democrat), former deputy first minister of Scotland, who will also contribute on behalf of the government.

The debate will also cover the recent report from the Lords Constitution Committee on the constitutional implications of the Scottish referendum. This debate was requested by Lord Lang of Monkton (Conservative), chair of the Constitution Committee and former Scottish Secretary.  

Other members due to speak include:

Report conclusions

In May the committee published its report on the constitutional implications of a “yes” vote in the Scottish independence referendum. The committee recommended that, while MPs from Scottish constituencies should keep their seats at Westminster between the vote and full independence, they should take no part in independence negotiations nor scrutiny of those negotiations, as their first loyalty would lie with their Scottish constituents.

The committee also said there was no constitutional requirement for the UK Government to stick to the Scottish Government’s timetable for full independence by March 2016 in the event of a “yes” vote, and they should not do so unless it is in the interests of the rest of the UK.

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