Campaign groups give evidence on the Union and devolution inquiry

24 November 2015

On Wednesday 25 November the House of Lords Constitution Committee hears evidence from experts on devolution and from pressure groups campaigning for greater devolution.


The evidence sessions take place on Wednesday 25 November in Committee Room 1, Palace of Westminster.

First panel

At 10.30am:

  • Professor Alan Harding, University of Liverpool
  • Ed Cox, Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR)

Second panel

At 11.30am:

  • Scilla Cullen, Campaign for an English Parliament
  • Julian German, Campaign for a Cornish Assembly

Possible questions

In the first session, possible questions the Committee may put to the witnesses include:

  • What does England gain from its Union with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland?
  • Does the Government's policy of decentralisation risk a fragmentation of power and governance across England? Is this a problem? Should there be a limit to the asymmetry of devolution/decentralisation to regions or local authorities?
  • Is there a viable federal model for the UK?

In the second session, possible questions the Committee may put to the witnesses include:

  • What powers do you envisage for the new parliament/assembly you propose? What is the rationale for that level of devolution?
  • How would a Cornish Assembly/English Parliament fit into the wider territorial constitution of the United Kingdom?
  • How do you answer concerns that a powerful English Parliament would rival the UK Parliament in powers and destabilise the Union?

 Further information

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