What is convergence?

The easiest way to understand media convergence is to think of how separate kinds of media - such as broadcast, print and online - have merged together. The traditional boundaries between different media have become blurred.

Think of the way that newspapers are no longer just printed on large sheets of thin paper and put through people’s letterboxes; they also have websites with up to the minute information including videos which remind you of TV.

Think of the way that broadcasters don’t just beam signals to your TV aerial or satellite dish, they have websites with articles published on them which might remind you more of the printed page.

Families can still sit down together at a specified time to watch a TV programme, but programmes can also be watched at a later date on the web, entirely at your own convenience.

Media which used to be distinct because of the different ways they were distributed have converged on one technology – the internet.

The opportunities are vast but it also means that our habits and expectations are changing – and this is what we have been looking at in this inquiry.