Content creation and competition

The UK’s public service broadcasters – the range and excellence of programmes on the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Five – are very highly valued by us all.

However, the world in which they make their programmes has changed incredibly over recent years and there are now a huge number of television channels and different media competing for our attention.

This is great for UK audiences as we have more choice than ever before and the emergence of new sources of great content is to be welcomed.

However, it is our view that the programmes of our public service broadcasters must remain at the forefront of our television viewing habits as they provide a range and diversity of content which connect with people from all sorts of backgrounds up and down the country. In short, they provide an important public service to all of as citizens.

The key thing is that we can all access public service content and find it easily across the new devices and new ways of watching content that have emerged. We recommend in our report that action is taken to secure the future of public service content and investment in more great programmes so that it can continue to inform and entertain us in the decades ahead. 

We also considered competition policy – vital for ensuring that businesses compete fairly with one another and for encouraging innovation and giving audiences choice and value for money. Here we suggest clarifying Ofcom's competition powers in certain areas, but ensuring that high hurdles have to be overcome before intervention is allowed.