Web forum: Citizenship and civic engagement

13 September 2017

The Committee wants to hear about your experience of citizenship and civic engagement and we also want to know how you feel we could all work together to make a better society.


The Select Committee has been appointed to consider the issues of citizenship and civic engagement in the twenty-first century and is hearing evidence from those interested in these issues. The committee is keen to hear from a wide range of individuals, groups and organisations through the web forum. The Committee has to report by 31 March 2018.

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The main questions the Committee will be looking at are:

  • Why do so many groups in society appear to feel disengaged and 'left behind'? How could they be supported and encouraged to participate more in public life?
  • Are there specific values or beliefs that are important within British society?
  • What role might citizenship education play in terms of promoting shared values and the skills necessary to engage in society?
  • What are the main barriers to civic engagement and – more importantly – how might they be removed?
  • Where are the examples of successful innovation, positive role models or new forms of civic engagement?

You don't have to try and answer all of these questions and please feel free to pose questions that you think are important and deserve discussion. The Committee is committed to trying to understand how people from different communities, backgrounds and parts of the UK feel about these issues.

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