Adoption Support Agencies Appear Before Lords

15 October 2012

The Lords Select Committee on Adoption Legislation will be hearing from the chief executives of two adoption support agencies on Tuesday 16 October, as part of its inquiry into Adoption Legislation.

At 10.15am, the Committee will hear from Gill Haworth, Chief Executive and Naomi Angell, Legal Advisor, from the Intercountry Adoption Centre.

Ms Haworth will be followed, at 11.15am, by Lynn Charlton, Chief Executive of After Adoption.

The witnesses are likely to face questions from the Committee on issues including:

  • why people choose to adopt from abroad and whether some of those families could be encouraged to adopt within the UK;
  • what lessons can be learnt from inter-country adoptions when considering issues of identity and cultural heritage in cases of interracial domestic adoptions;
  • what more needs to be done to support children and families, including birth families, after adoption;
  • what purpose does contact with birth family members serve after adoption.

The evidence sessions will take place on Tuesday 16 October from 10.15am in Committee Room 3A.

Image: iStockPhoto

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