House of Lords Select Committees

This page lists all of the Lords Select Committees



  • Communications Committee

    The Communications Committee considers the media and the creative industries

  • Conduct Committee

    The committee reviews and oversees the Codes of Conduct and the work of the House of Lords Commissioner for Standards

  • Constitution Committee

    The Constitution Committee examines all public bills for constitutional implications and investigates broad constitutional issues



  • Economic Affairs Committee

    The Economic Affairs Committee is one of the five permanent investigative committees in the House of Lords and is charged with considering economic affairs

  • Economic Affairs Finance Bill Sub-Committee

    The Economic Affairs Finance Bill Sub-Committee considers aspects of the Finance Bill from the point of view of technical issues of tax administration, clarification and simplification

  • Electoral Registration Act 2013 Committee

    The committee is appointed to consider post-legislative scrutiny of the Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013

  • EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee

    The Sub-Committee scrutinises EU proposals on agriculture, fisheries, environment and energy including the Common Agricultural and Fisheries Policies (CAP and CFP), environmental protection, climate change, maritime affairs and energy policy

  • EU External Affairs Sub-Committee

    The Sub-Committee scrutinises EU proposals on external affairs including European defence and security, international trade and development and foreign affairs

  • EU Financial Affairs Sub-Committee

    The Sub-Committee scrutinises EU proposals on economic and financial affairs

  • EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee

    The Sub-Committee scrutinises EU proposals on health, education and sport and home affairs including police cooperation, asylum and migration, counter-terrorism, and civil protection

  • EU Internal Market Sub-Committee

    The Sub-Committee scrutinises EU proposals on Internal Market, Infrastructure and Employment including energy, industry, transport, communications, research and space

  • EU Justice Sub-Committee

    The Sub-Committee scrutinises EU proposals on civil and criminal justice, fundamental rights,the EU's institutions, agencies and other bodies, EU citizenship, consumer protection, intellectual property and culture policy

  • EU Select Committee

    The EU Select Committee is appointed to consider EU documents and other matters relating to the EU




  • High Speed Rail (West Midlands – Crewe) Bill Select Committee (Lords)

    Select Committee on the High Speed Rail Bill provides individuals and bodies directly and specially affected by the Bill with the opportunity to object to the Bill’s specific provisions and to seek its amendment

  • House of Lords Commission

    The House of Lords Commission provides high-level strategic and political direction for the House of Lords Administration

  • Hybrid Instruments Committee

    The Hybrid Instruments Committee decides whether an opposed hybrid instrument should have its merits enquired into by a Select Committee set up for that purpose



  • Liaison Committee (Lords)

    The Liaison Committee allocates resources between select committees, reviews the select committee work of the House, considers requests for ad hoc committees and reports to the House with recommendations

  • Lords' Conduct (Sub-Committee)

    The Sub-Committee undertakes detailed consideration of matters relating to the Code of Conduct for Members of the House of Lords.




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How do House of Lords Select Committees work?

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