Call for written evidence

03 July 2012

The Joint Committee on the draft Enhanced Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures Bill, chaired by the Rt Hon Mr Bob Ainsworth MP, is conducting pre-legislative scrutiny into the draft Bill and the policies it seeks to implement

The Joint Committee comprises 6 MPs and 6 Peers. It will take oral and written evidence and make recommendations in a report to both Houses. The Joint Committee invites interested organisations and individuals to submit written evidence as part of the inquiry.

The Committee must report to both Houses of Parliament by 9 November 2012. In order for it to be considered by the Committee, written submissions should be received by the Committee no later than Friday 14 September.

Below are specific questions about the details of the draft Bill. The Joint Committee would appreciate written submissions on any of these questions on which you have comments. It is not necessary to address every question. The Joint Committee will also welcome other comments related to the draft Bill, even if not directly addressing the questions below.

  • Under what circumstances (if any) should the measures set out in ETPIMs be used?
  • Are the measures set out in the Bill a sufficient response to the “very serious risk” that it is intended to manage?
  • Will the proposed measures assist in the prosecution and prevention of terrorism-related activity?
  • Are the proposed measures compatible with the European Convention on Human Rights?
  • Does the Bill in its current form provide adequate safeguards against misuse?
  • Do the measures set out in the Bill adequately protect the public in the longer term?

You need not address all these questions.

Written submissions should be provided to the Committee as a Microsoft Word document and sent by e-mail to Please do not submit PDFs (if you do not have access to Microsoft Word you may submit in another editable electronic form). If you do not have access to a computer you may submit a paper copy to the Clerk to the draft Enhanced TPIMs Bill Joint Committee, Scrutiny Unit, 7 Millbank, House of Commons, London SW1P 3JA, fax 020 7219 8381. The deadline for written evidence is Friday 14 September.

Short, concise submissions of no more than six pages are preferred. A longer submission should include a one-page summary. Paragraphs should be numbered. Submissions should be dated, with a note of the author’s name, and of whether the author is acting on an individual or corporate basis. All submissions will be acknowledged promptly.

Personal contact details supplied to the Committee will be removed from submissions before publication but will be retained by the Committee staff for specific purposes relating to the Committee’s work, such as seeking additional information.

Submissions become the property of the Committee, which will decide whether to accept them as evidence. Evidence may be published by the Committee at any stage. It will normally appear on the Committee’s website and will be deposited in the Parliamentary Archives. Once you have received acknowledgement that your submission has been accepted as evidence, you may publicise or publish it yourself, but in doing so you must indicate that it was prepared for the Committee. If you publish your evidence separately, you should be aware that you will be legally responsible for its content.

You should be careful not to comment on individual cases currently before a court of law, or matters in respect of which court proceedings are imminent. If you anticipate such issues arising, you should discuss with the Clerk of the Committee how this might affect your submission.

Certain individuals and organisations may be invited to appear in person before the Committee to give oral evidence.

Substantive communications to the Committee about the inquiry should be addressed through the Clerk or the Chairman of the Committee, whether or not they are intended to constitute formal evidence to the Committee.

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