National Security Strategy and SDSR 2015 inquiry launched

04 February 2016

The Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy is launching an inquiry examining the National Security Strategy and Strategic Defence and Security Review 2015 (NSS & SDSR 2015). 

Scope of the inquiry

The Committee welcomes written submissions on this subject. The Committee is particularly interested in receiving submissions which consider:

  • Whether the NSS & SDSR 2015 is a practical guide to investment choices across Government Departments, to operational priorities and to crisis response
  • How the NSS & SDSR 2015 addresses risk and contingency planning
  • Whether the NSS & SDSR 2015 defines "national security" in sufficiently broad terms and achieves an appropriate balance between military, economic and environmental risks
  • Whether the military voice is sufficiently represented
  • The implications of merging the National Security Strategy with the Strategic Defence and Security Review
  • The extent to which the NSS & SDSR 2015 is founded on a realistic assessment of the UK’s future goals, position in the world and uncertain future relationships with international organisations and nation states
  • Whether the links between domestic security and international security are sufficiently developed in the NSS & SDSR 2015
  • How the UK NSS & SDSR 2015 compares with similar strategies in other countries, notably the United States and France
  • Whether Joint Force 2025 will meet the strategic requirements set out in the NSS & SDSR 2015

Deadline for submissions

Written submissions are invited and should be received by the Committee no later than 14 March 2016.

Guidance on submitting written evidence

The Committee welcomes evidence from as wide a range of people as possible. If you've never submitted evidence to a committee our guidance will help you through the process.

Further information 

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