National Security and the European Union

16 April 2013

The Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy will take oral evidence in public on National Security and the EU.


At 4.30 pm on Monday 22 April, Committee Room 4, Palace of Westminster 

  • Charles Grant, Director, Centre for European Reform, London
  • Dr Alexandra de Hoop Scheffer, Director of the Paris Office of the German Marshall Fund
  • Dr Nicolai von Ondarza, Senior Associate, SWP – Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (German Institute for International and Security Affairs), Berlin

The Committee announced in February 2013 that:

“We plan to hold a series of evidence sessions on the UK’s relationship with NATO; national security and the EU; the nature of our alliance with the United States; energy security; and food security: topics which the Government appears a little unwilling to address, at least in public. In doing this we are not seeking to do the Government’s work for it: instead, we hope the Government will take forward work on the issues identified drawing on expertise from outside of Government as well as from within.”

This is the first of those evidence sessions. It is expected that it will cover: the role of the EU in the UK’s national security and influence, how the EU is likely to evolve in the 20 year timeframe of the next NSS, the strategic implications of the proposed referendum in the UK, and how the next NSS should handle the uncertainty about the UK’s future in the EU and about the future nature of the EU.

Image: iStockphoto