Evidence from witnesses affected by European Arrest Warrant

01 February 2011

In the opening session of its inquiry into UK extradition policy, the Joint Committee on Human Rights will hear evidence from Justice, Liberty, and Fair Trials International (FTI), including a panel of FTI's clients who have been directly affected by the European Arrest warrant, who will explain its impact on their lives.

The inquiry will focus on the practical implementation of extradition policy from a human rights perspective. It will focus particularly on the compatibility of the operation of the UK’s bilateral extradition treaties including the EAW, the US-UK extradition treaty and other procedures such as the European Arrest Warrant with the UK’s human rights obligations.

Likely areas of interest

Issues of interest to the committee include:

  • Can and should British courts be able to exercise greater discretion when considering applications for extradition under EAW to consider whether the human rights of the accused will be respected, and to bar extradition proceedings where they will not?
  • Does the lack of a proportionality principle in the EAW create problems for its compatibility with human rights? How could it be amended to incorporate a proportionality principle? 
  • Does the UK implement the EAW in a stricter fashion than is required by the original framework decision? What safeguards do other EU member states apply?

The Committee’s inquiry is intended to contribute to the review of UK extradition treaties and the UK Extradition Act 2003, announced by the Home Secretary on 8 September 2010.


at 2.20 pm

  • Catherine Heard, Head of Policy Fair Trials International,
  • Jodie Blackstock, Barrister and Senior Legal Officer (EU: Justice and Home Affairs)
  • Sally Ireland, Director of Criminal Justice Policy, Justice
  • Sophie Farthing, Policy Officer , Liberty

at 3.20 pm

  • People with experience of extradition proceedings

Further Information

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