Home Secretary asked to share case files of Windrush cases

12 June 2018

The Joint Committee on Human Rights has written to the Home Secretary Sajid Javid MP asking the Home Office to share the case files of individuals who had been detained from the 63 Windrush cases.

Oral evidence session on detention of Windrush generation

Last week the Home Secretary told the Committee in evidence that the cases of Anthony Bryan and Paulette Wilson – whose Home Office case files were supplied to the Committee- were “appalling and wrong in so many ways.”

Summary of the letter

The letter covers the following points:

On those that have been detained, the Committee asks that the Home Office:

  • Send the Committee the case files for any of the 63 individuals (as cited by Home Secretary to Home Affairs Committee on the 15th May)  from the Windrush generation the Department is examining who were detained prior to being deported. 
  • Share the case file of Mr Hubert Howard with him directly, (as the Home Office did with the cases of Anthony Bryan and Paulette Wilson) who the Committee understand was also wrongly targeted as an illegal immigrant

On the conduct of Home Office officials/contractors Capita, the Committee asks the Home Office: 

  • Share details of the Capita contract and information on staff training on immigration law, and any connected financial incentives to do with targets, deporting and detaining people.
  • Share what retraining or disciplinary action has been or will be taken by the Home Office on civil servants who were involved in the “appalling and wrong in so many ways”(as described by Home Secretary himself)  cases of Anthony Bryan and Paulette Wilson 
  • Share what guidance caseworkers are given when dealing with someone contesting their immigration detention.

Further information

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