Secretary of State questioned on importance of enforcing human rights

22 May 2018

The Joint Committee on Human Rights questions Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice David Gauke MP, in his first appearance before the Committee on the importance of enforcing human rights.

Purpose of the session

The session will take place in Committee room 1, Palace of Westminster at 4pm.

Subjects likely to be covered include:

  • The European Court of Human Rights/Human Rights Act
  • Access to justice/Legal aid
  • Independence of the legal profession and the judiciary
  • The public narrative about human rights
  • Role and effectiveness of National Human Rights Institutions (inc. Equality and Human Rights Commission)

Scope of the inquiry

The Committee’s Enforcing Rights Inquiry is considering factors which may impede individuals from using the UK’s human rights framework.

The terms of reference identified four strands needed to have an effective human rights system:

  • judicial Independence
  • access to resources
  • legal Independence
  • a culture which understands rights and accepts they will be enforced

Further information

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