Safety of personal data examined

02 July 2019

The Joint Committee on Human Rights questions experts on the collection and storage of personal data.

Purpose of the session

The session will cover:

  • Purpose: how does data collection and storage help users? Can it be used to strengthen individual human rights?
  • Methods: how much is collected directly and how much bought from third parties – and on what legal basis?
  • Consumer awareness: how do companies ensure that users know what is being done with their data – including that collected from baby monitors, toy dolls and voice controlled TVs?
  • Principles of data protection: how to ensure that data profiling is lawful and proportionate?
  • Security: how to protect against breaches – especially cloud storage?


Wednesday 3 July 2019, Committee room 4A, Palace of Westminster, at 3.15pm.

In this session, the Human Rights Committee will look at data protection and storage, with:

  • Professor Victoria Nash, Deputy Director. Associate Professor and Senior Policy Fellow, Oxford Internet Institute.
  • Dr Reuben Binns, Postdoc researcher, Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford.
  • Alexander Hazell, Head of UK Legal and Data Protection Officer and Jed Mole, VP Marketing, Axciom.
  • Madhumita Murgia, European Technology Correspondent, FT.

Further information

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