Claimant in human rights case against Shell to detail experiences

31 October 2016

The Joint Committee on Human Rights continue their inquiry into human rights and business when they hear from John Gbei via video-link from Nigeria.


Wednesday 2 November 2016,  Committee Room 1, House of Commons

At 3.15pm

  • John Gbei

Purpose of the session

Mr Gbei, and members of the Bodo Community in Nigeria, filed a successful lawsuit against Shell in London High Court for two oil spills which occurred in the Niger Delta in 2008 and 2009. The case resulted in an award of £55million; Shell having originally offered compensation of £4,000.

The session will take place via video-link and will provide a valuable insight into the mechanisms available for enforcing and protecting human rights from someone whose rights may have been infringed.

The session will address some of the central questions of the inquiry:

  • What is the process for bringing a claim in the UK for cases involving events abroad?
  • What support is available for people who consider their human rights to be infringed?
  • How widespread is knowledge of these opportunities?
  • Are there negative consequences in launching a case?
  • How organised are people in ensuring that their human rights are protected as a group?

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