Rob Wilson MP, Minister for Civil Society, questioned by Committee

13 January 2015

The public session will start at 2.15pm on Tuesday 13 January in Committee Room 3 of the House of Lords.


Committee Room 3, House of Lords, on 13 January
At 2.15pm:

  • Rob Wilson MP, Minister for Civil Society
  • Ben Harrison MBE, Policy Adviser, Office for Civil Society, Cabinet Office

Possible topics

  • How effectively has the Charity Commission responded to criticism from the National Audit Office and Public Accounts Committee?
  • Are all the new powers in the draft Bill needed given that evidence about the recent performance of the Charity Commission has been generally more positive?
  • How well does the Charity Commission work with other agencies such as the police and HMRC?
  • What value would giving the Commission the statutory power to issue a warning to a charity provide?
  • Is it appropriate for the Commission to be able to disqualify a charity trustee on the basis of a caution rather than a conviction for an offence?
  • Are there concerns that the Commission’s scrutiny of charities it deems to be at risk of extremism are seen to unfairly target certain groups?

Further information

Image: Cabinet Office

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