Safeguarding adults at risk of abuse and neglect

The draft Bill sets out the first ever statutory framework for adult safeguarding, which stipulates local authorities’ responsibilities, and those with whom they work, to protect adults at risk of abuse or neglect

These provisions require the local authority to:

  • carry out enquiries into suspected cases of abuse or neglect (clause 34)
  • establish Safeguarding Adults Boards in their area (clauses 35-36). The role of these Boards, described in Schedule 1, will be to develop shared strategies for safeguarding and report to their local communities on their progress.

As recommended by the Law Commission, the draft Bill will also repeal local authority intervention powers to remove adults from their homes (clause 37).

The draft Bill does not propose any new intervention powers in their place, but the Government has said that it recognises the views of some stakeholders that local authorities should have some ability to intervene positively to protect adults from abuse or neglect and they have published a separate consultation to ask for views on possible new powers.

Based upon your experiences as a carer what impact do you think the proposed changes will have on the current measures in place to safeguard vulnerable adults?

What is a draft bill?

Draft Bills are Bills issued for consultation before being formally introduced to Parliament

Oral evidence

The Joint Committee is taking evidence on the draft Care and Support Bill from a diverse range of stakeholders. You can read transcripts of the evidence on our publication page.