Responsibilities of local authorities

The draft Bill proposes a 'broader care and support role' for local authorities. They must:

  • provide an information and advice service to help people understand how the care and support system works, what services are available locally, and how to access the services they need now and might do in the future (clause 2)
  • promote the diversity and quality of local services, so that there is a range of high quality providers in all areas allowing people to make the best choice to satisfy their own needs and preferences (clause 3)
  • co-operate with other local organisations, work to integrate services to promote well-being, and improve quality and outcomes (clauses 4-6)
  • provide services or take steps which are intended to prevent, delay or reduce people’s needs for care and support. The focus will be on taking proactive steps and making earlier interventions to reduce dependency, rather than just providing intensive services at the point of crisis (clause 7)

  • Read the Draft Care and Support Bill (PDF 3.16MB)

Based upon your experiences as a carer what impact do you think the proposed changes will have on the role of local authorities? Will the proposed changes help carers?

Draft Bills

Draft Bills are Bills issued for consultation before being formally introduced to Parliament

Oral evidence

The Joint Committee is taking evidence on the draft Care and Support Bill from a diverse range of stakeholders. You can read transcripts of the evidence on our publication page.