Assessing needs

Clauses 9-16 of the draft Care and Support Bill relate to the start of the person’s ‘journey through the care and support System’, setting out the process of assessments for both those who need care and carers, ensuring that the focus is on an individual’s needs and outcomes.

These clauses:

  • state a single right to an assessment for adults, and one for carers, based on having an appearance of needs for care and support (clauses 9-12)
  • set out the eligibility framework in legislation for the first time, to provide clarity through regulations on what constitutes ‘eligible’ needs and how decisions are made about support, and allow for national eligibility to be set in the future (clause 13)

  • Read the Draft Care and Support Bill (PDF 3.16MB)

Based upon your experiences as a carer what impact do you think the proposed changes will have on the current assessment process?

Draft Bills

Draft Bills are Bills issued for consultation before being formally introduced to Parliament

Oral evidence

The Joint Committee is taking evidence on the draft Care and Support Bill from a diverse range of stakeholders. You can read transcripts of the evidence on our publication page.