Joint Committee on Privacy and Injunctions - role

A new joint committee has been appointed by both Houses of Parliament to consider privacy and injunctions. The Joint Committee comprises 13 MPs and 13 members of the House of Lords. 


The committee's terms of reference are

To consider privacy and injunctions, including:

  1. how the statutory and common law on privacy and the use of anonymity injunctions and super-injunctions has operated in practice;
  2. how best to strike the balance between privacy and freedom of expression, in particular how best to determine whether there is a public interest in material concerning people’s private and family life; 
  3. issues relating to the enforcement of anonymity injunctions and super-injunctions, including the internet, cross-border jurisdiction within the United Kingdom, parliamentary privilege and the rule of law; and 
  4. issues relating to media regulation in this context, including the role of the Press Complaints Commission and the Office of Communications (OFCOM);

    and to report by 15 March 2012.

It will take oral and written evidence and make recommendations in a report to both Houses.


Read the full Joint Committee on Privacy and Injunctions call for evidence