Work and Pensions Committee announce evidence session on Work Programme

05 February 2013

The Work and Pensions Select Committee will hear evidence from Work Programme subcontractors, other specialist employment services providers and the company contracted by DWP to assess the quality of Work Programme supply chains on Wednesday 13 February.  This will be the third oral evidence session of the inquiry.

The Committee published a report on the design and commissioning of the Work Programme in 2011. The current inquiry is following up some of the issues raised in that report, with a focus on the delivery of services and the experience of participants, particularly those who may be considered harder to help into sustained employment.

Details of the session are as follows:

Time/date: Wednesday 13 February at 9.30 am
Location:  Committee Room 16, House of Commons


  • emqc Ltd – Dave Allan, Managing Director
  • Social Firms UK - Michele Rigby, Chief Executive Officer
  • Pluss - Martin Davies, Chief Executive Officer
  • Wheatsheaf Trust - Jonathan Cheshire, Chief Executive

Further evidence sessions are planned as follows. All meetings will be in a House of Commons Committee room and open to the public. All dates, times and witness details subject to confirmation:

Time/date: Wednesday 6 March at 9.30 am
Witnesses: The Employment Related Services Association (ERSA, the industry body) and prime providers

Time/date: Wednesday 13 March at 9.30 am
Witnesses: Employers and employers’ organisations

Time/date: Wednesday 20 March at 4.30 pm
Witness: Mr Mark Hoban MP, Minister for Employment, and officials, DWP

Image: PA

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