Committee to conduct pre-legislative scrutiny of Government’s State Pension reforms

18 January 2013

The Work and Pensions Committee will be conducting the pre-legislative scrutiny of the Government’s proposals for State Pension reform, set out in the draft Pensions Bill, which was published today.

Commenting, the Chairman of the Work and Pensions Committee, Dame Anne Begg MP, said:

"The proposed changes to the State Pension contained in the draft Bill will have a huge impact on society, not just in the immediate future, but for decades to come.

"It is therefore vitally important that Parliament gets these reforms right.

"One way of ensuring we get them right is by subjecting the proposals to rigorous and effective scrutiny. The pre-legislative scrutiny process is a key part of this, and I am pleased that the Government has invited the Committee to undertake this task.

"We will examine the Government’s proposals carefully and look forward to playing our part in ensuring they work well for the millions of people who will be affected by them."

Image: iStockphoto 

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