Governance and best practice in workplace pensions: Committee restarts inquiry

18 October 2012

The Committee launched an inquiry into governance and best practice in workplace pension provision in February 2012 and invited written submissions by the end of April. The inquiry was suspended in May to allow the Committee to conduct more time-sensitive inquiries

The purpose of the inquiry is to explore some of the wider issues raised in the Committee’s report in March 2012 on automatic enrolment in workplace pensions and to consider other issues affecting workplace pensions which were beyond the scope of the auto-enrolment inquiry.

Those who submitted written evidence earlier in the year are invited to update their submissions. New submissions are also welcome (no more than 3,000 words). The terms of reference announced in February remain unchanged.

The deadline for the receipt of submissions is Monday 12 November 2012. However, there is some flexibility with the deadline as the first evidence session is likely to be in mid November and the sessions will conclude in the New Year.  But, it would be helpful for the Committee to receive your updated submissions in time for them to be taken into account in the oral evidence sessions.

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