Living costs of working-age disabled people - Government response published

21 May 2012

The Work and Pensions Committee has published the Government’s response to its report on Government support towards the additional living costs of working-age disabled people on Friday 18 May at 10.00 am.

The Committee's report, published in February, assessed the Government’s proposals for reforming Disability Living Allowance and introducing the Personal Independence Payment. [Seventh Report of Session 2010-12, HC 1493].

The Government’s response is published as the First Special Report of Session 2012-13 (HC 105). It is available on the Committee's website.

The Chair of the Committee, Dame Anne Begg MP, said

"Although the Government has provided a response to the recommendations in our report, a number of the significant concerns which we raised remain unresolved. Many of the details about how PIP will be implemented are still to be finalised. The outcome of the Government’s latest consultations on PIP, including on the criteria which will be used to assess eligibility, won’t be known until the autumn.

"The Committee regards support towards the additional living costs of disabled people as a key issue.  We will continue to scrutinise the development of PIP very carefully. This will include questioning the Minister again later in the year, once the Government’s detailed plans for implementation become clearer, to ensure that we gain greater clarity on how the changes will impact upon disabled people."

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